With Randger

find the layout that best suits you.

Randger offers you the choice between numerous models and layouts.

Each layout is unique… Each model has its own personality. From mini vans with a pop-up roof to 4x4s with a rear double bed; it’s up to you to discover which suits you.

At Randger, we have invested a lot of energy in designing your on-board experience to make your daily life easier.

With Randger

we like to provide storage options… everywhere…

Make your van your second home…
Whether you are with your partner, family or friends, the most important thing will be to travel. To do this, Randger has rethought its layouts, taking into account everyone’s tastes and needs.

With Randger

quality is travelling…

Quality… is a priority at Randger.
We are devoted to quality so that your van can accompany you as far and as long as possible!


The furniture in a van conversion is subject to harsh conditions both from daily use and the vibrations of the road.

Randger pays particular attention to the design and manufacture of the furniture. The finish details contribute to the durability of the furniture with the use of aluminium mouldings, thick closets and numerous attachment points to ensure the stability of the furniture over time.

Finally, the vital last detail: all joints (even those out of sight!) between the furniture and the walls are finished with an anti-friction ball joint.

Advantages: much easier maintenance, as the dust cannot get into these little nooks, and a quieter interior when you’re driving.


If you’re looking to travel around different countries in all weather conditions, good insulation is paramount to living comfortably in a van. To achieve high-performance insulation, we use carefully selected insulation materials which are recognised for their quality under the most extreme conditions: sandwich floor with glass wool, polystyrene, aluminised layers. Randger uses cutting-edge insulation techniques based on proven know-how; even the insides of the rear doors are insulated. To reinforce this insulation further, we equip all our vans with isothermal curtains on the rear doors.

Insulated openings

In a van, heat and cold mainly penetrate via the openings. At Randger, each van’s contours, door and window interiors and cross members are meticulously insulated. All our vans are also systematically equipped with isothermal curtains on the rear doors.

Sandwich floor

The floor is a core element of the design of your van. At Randger, it is a multi-layer sandwich floor offering excellent floor insulation qualities. The floor is composed of a single piece in order to guarantee its robustness and stability.

Internal walls

The internal walls of Randger vans are made of compressed thermoformed materials. It primarily guarantees a solid construction but is also an excellent barrier against both cold and hot temperatures. Combined with the upholstery, these materials provide an attractive finish for a cosy interior.

With Randger

the equipment is not considered to be purely an accessory…

When you fancy heading off to far-flung places, it is essential to have a well-equipped van.
At Randger, our vans are chock-full of practical and useful equipment for everyday life.


All vans are equipped with compressor refrigerators. The production of cold air is considerably quicker and more intense than with other systems. And the internal temperature of the refrigerator is maintained, even when it is very hot outside.


For an elegant light ambiance, each van has numerous direct or indirect light sources. All of these lights are LEDs, offering comfortable lighting and energy savings.

Double-glazed flush-fitting windows

The windows of our vehicles are double-glazed (except R499, RR490 and R535) to improve the vehicle’s insulation. They are also equipped with an integrated blind-mosquito net.

Lithium battery

An important innovation at Randger is our constant endeavor to make our vehicles even more self-sufficient. All transporters are designed for lithium batteries. 100 Ah lithium battery and 40A DC / DC charger are now optionally available (premium package; see price list). The advantages are obvious: low weight, rural life and maximum discharge protection)

Heating/water heater

At Randger, all our vans (except R490) are equipped with the Truma D4 combined diesel heating/water heater. Hot water and heat are produced directly thanks to your vehicle’s fuel, offering you greater autonomy and the possibility to refuel anywhere.

Photovoltaic solar panel (optional)

Bike rack (optional)

Midi Heki 700×500 mm skylight Integrated cab

Excluding R490/R530

Shower duckboard

Side door mosquito net

Excluding R490/R530

Extra-wide electric step

Excluding R490/R530

Remifront cab blinds

Excluding R490/R530

TB Concept, an innovative bathroom

For your peace of mind, Randger has reinvented the on-board bathroom and created a 3 in 1 – the TB Concept!
TB Concept is a modular bathroom for optimised use. Depending on your needs, you can create a functional wash room or a spacious shower cubicle.

Shower configuration

Toilet configuration

Sink configuration

As standard on all our models except R530